Free Vet
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TailBook FreeVet is a service that allows you to ask animal health questions to the best veterinarians.
Totally free for those who help homeless animals.
A modern, easy and convenient way to ask questions to qualified veterinarians via Telegram for both homeless animals and pets.
Helping is easy with us!
Unique Opportunity
Ask a question to the best vets and get an answer even when clinics are closed
Expertise. Experience
Get answers from veterinarians with strong expertise and serious experience
Totally Free
Get answers to your homeless animal questions absolutely free of charge
Use the detailed User's Manual
Contact our team directly for help via Telegram @tailbook
Term of Use
All you need for help. And even more!
Navigator for veterinary clinics with always up-to-date opening hours, route and contacts; navigator for veterinary pharmacies, localisation into different languages

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