TailBook App is a service through which stray animals can find home and receive comprehensive assistance
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Are you ready to embark on a heartwarming journey that brings joy to both stray animals
and compassionate pet lovers?
Look no further than TailBook, the platform that connects abandoned animals to their forever homes while providing care and support.
All the information about animal in one place
Personal gallery
Animal characteristics that can be used for searching
Following specific animals
Marking state
Adding photos
Veterinary help
Adding location
Actions for providing help
All events are recorded in a log with the timestamp
Personal profile
Search through all the animal cards

Creating animal cards helps gather all possible information about the animal in one place, provide necessary assistance, track actions taken, and interact with other pet lovers.

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Where Tails Find Home and Hearts Overflow with Love!
Rescue. Love. Repeat
With Tailbook, the cycle of rescue and love never stops. Embrace the joy of finding your next furry family member or help another animal find their loving home. The more we unite, the more lives we save, and the stronger our bonds grow.
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