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The story of the first cat rescued

When we were working on the project, there was a red kitty living near the IT Branch House, where our team spent a lot of time. Our team members saw her there quite often and always fed her.

Once, when they came to the co-working centre, the founder of our project Konstantin Skavitin and the main expert Alisa Nichik noticed that the kitty had no tail tip. The sight, of course, is not for the faint-hearted, not to mention that the situation is extremely painful and very dangerous for the health of the little cat.
The very next day the guys caught the kitty and took her to the veterinary clinic for an operation to put her tail in order and sterilisation.
The kitty was strictly forbidden to lick his tail, and he really wanted it. So they had to put a high collar on her. However, it did not allow her to lead a usual life on the street for at least 2 weeks.
Therefore, Kostya got a little neighbour. Interestingly, his other two cats favourably treated the kitten.

Given the circumstances of the acquaintance (this is an IT meeting), Kostya named the kitten Itisha.
At first Itisha was very timid, but then she got used to it and began to actively help in the work on the project.

Thus, thanks to TailBook, the first cat found a loving home