Welcome to TailBook!

TailBook is a service being created for homeless animals of Montenegro to receive comprehensive assistance and retrieve a home
Service peculiarities
inform about possible assistance options in the form of checklists and professionals recommendations
reflect information about the condition of animals, feeding, given veterinary care, acquisition of a home
create personal pages of homeless animals with photos, descriptions, and information
about their spot of habitat
Our service is already able to:
We can together make the life of homeless animals better
Three easy steps
to give a help
If you have seen a cat or a dog outside
Housing in Montenegro
or in other countries
Financial help
Medical care
Improving animals' living conditions
Animal's page
in 30 seconds
How is TailBook arranged?
Described functions are available there
Possibility to add
animal on the map and to find it
Map for giving help
Animal database with photos,
basic information, and unique descriptions
Personal pages
The Service maintains an Activity Log,
fixing who, when, and how helped the animal
TailBook unites.
The service allows users
to interact with each other
Social network
The service simplifies the search for an animal's home, providing comprehensive information.
Assistance in
looking for a home
Involvement and encouragement
in a playful way
and rating
No access to food and water
With no permanent sufficient source of food, animals are forced to look for food at garbage collection points, which deteriorates sanitation.
Living outside is dangerous
Animals are threatened by violence, and technogenic and weather conditions. The likelihood of various diseases and injuries increases.
Low awareness of the benefits of population control measures, veterinary clinics where they are carried out
The number of homeless animals is on the rise
Homeless animals
need help because of
Have published
Click "Publish".
Hooray! You've created
the animal’s page in TailBook.
Now you and other users can
provide any possible assistance and
note this fact in the service and on social networks.
Just a few clicks and the service already knows important facts about your new friend.
TailBook will generate a unique description.
Have filled out
Today the animal was lucky to meet you on the street. You can easily download his/her photos through the TailBook service or later from the gallery
Took a photo
Financial support for homeless animals
You can transfer funds to help the homeless animals that need it most,
or choose your pet (or pets) on TailBook,
make a transfer and let us know,
exactly how and who on TailBook
you would like to help

Ways to support the service

As a social startup, we would be very grateful for support from people who believe in our idea.
The support of each of you will help us to launch a fully functional application much faster.
We definitely won't let you down!
Write to us
Your life is wasted if you never meow back to the cat.
+382 (68) 109018
Budva, Montenegro